Online Markinging for Thai SME Business

"ErawanDigital Plus" We help you as a consultant, as well as taking care of online marketing for your business. We also specialize in SMEs businesses

Our services for SME customers

Online Advertising

Online advertising services such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Line 

Create content

Social media maintenance service Ready to create content On every platform including your website

Production of videos, advertisements, online media

Long and short video recording services for use in advertising via social media on all platforms.

Graphic Design

Graphic design service To be used on every social media platform.

Create websites and business maps

Website creation service using the WordPress system with a map of your business to the point via Google Map.

SEO Google and Facebook

SEO Google and SEO Facebook services are ready to find keywords to match your business.


We are here to advise and take care of your business.

Consulting team Ready to take care of your online marketing business all day long.

Every time we do our work, we have a pre-action meeting and take care of marketing your business to reach your goals and measure the results of your work throughout the day.

Our Work Process

Every work, we start a meeting with a client to finalize the planning and refine every step according to the goals discussed, as well as measure and summarize the work every week.


Meeting with customers Brainstorming

Plan and customize



Promote planned work

Monthly report


Our customer reviews

Our customers are many SMEs such as restaurants, beauty clinics, building materials, factory manufacturing, car sales, logistics and real estate, as well as online marketplaces Shopee, Lazada, Line and Tiktok.

Customer reviews "Beauty Clinic Line"

Customer reviews "Factory production line"

Customer reviews "Logistics line"

Customer reviews "Beauty Clinic Line"

Customer Reviews "Real Estate Line"

Customer reviews "Beauty Clinic Line"

Reviews from customers: "Tent, canvas, awning installation line"

Reviews from customers "Excavator, loader, construction line"

Customer Reviews "Fence Production Line"

Customer Reviews "Construction Line"

We are trusted

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